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        T7 launched into the market
        Batch production
        Startup test 240 hours at continuously
        Sales Case
        Startup test 240 hours continuously

        Revolution in toy industry

        The world’s first created; Toy automatic painting machine has been born. The wave of revolutionary changes has began from here.

        Employment in current enterprise is very difficult,the staffs have become increasingly demanding the work environment,the wage increases year by year also,these factors affect the development space of enterprise seriously.

        In particular, the Staff-intensive enterprises become more difficult to compete under the current situation. In this difficult period ,Some enterprises choose to narrow the scale,Some choose to relocate to elsewhere,Some choose to stop business. But these actions haven't resolved the root of the problem. The period of re-shuffling in industry has come; it's also the opportunities for enterprise development, the enterprise which to see the situation clearly, grasp the opportunities firmly, can be based on the invincible position in the windstorm; Thus also laid a solid foundation for the sustainable development.

        In the toy industry, Hand-spray of module nested process is most complicated and its working environment is worst so that people who do this work have become fewer and fewer and new painting modes are needed urgently. Under decades of traditional manual painting environment, we started to conduct the R&D of the project in early 2003. After more than five years’ unremitting efforts and numerous real-machine tests, we finally broke through many difficulties, and developed the world's first toy automatic painting machine in 2006 and put the machine in real-machine running. After more than two years,we have successfully passed all tests and got a number of invention patents. The sixth generation of toy painting machine "T6-120180" also comes out subsequently and now has been formally put on the market。

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        painting machine of Wonderful Screenshots: